Share & Build


Share and Discover Past Adventures and Build Future Trips Based On Other Trekker's Experiences

Share Past Adventures

Have you been somewhere awesome? Share it with the community by creating a trip based on a trip from the past.

Include your favorite activities, tips for future visitors and store your travel photos - all in one place!

Build future trips

Whether you’re planning a trip home to see the family or the holiday of a lifetime - you can plan your entire trip on GoTrekkin, including flights, cars and hotels!

Just enter your destination and start creating your custom itinerary.  Traveling with others?  Add them to your trip and create a fun planning experience for the entire group!

Fund trip

At GoTrekkin, we believe that everyone should have access to travel - no matter what.  That’s why we created “fund my trip” - a new feature that allows you to crowd fund your trips.

Just create your dream trip, set up funding, and share!  A little help from loved ones can add up to a lot!

Copy other trekker’s itineraries

Need inspiration?  Check out trips created by fellow Trekkers and copy their itinerary to use as your own.  Because imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.   Customize it as your own trip by adding extra destinations, tips, and activities.